We are passionate
quality coffee

The Product

We source the best beans from across the globe in a sustainable manner.

All our beans are then hand roasted to perfection by Tag’s head roaster, Levi, on the outskirts of San Antonio, TX.

This process provides an extraordinary cup of coffee, regardless of how you brew.

With an extraordinary product comes an extraordinary opportunity.

The Purpose

At Tag Coffee Co. we want to do more than just up your coffee game.

We deeply believe that every child matters, but for too many children abuse or neglect have robbed them of the laughter of childhood. We felt compelled to do something to make a lasting impact in the lives of these children, so when you purchase and enjoy Tag Coffee we will donate 50% of our profits to local children’s shelters.

Every child deserves a healthy and nurturing environment in which to grow and play. Play is the essence of childhood; it is how children explore their world, push their limits, and learn new life skills. It’s how they deepen family ties and build relationships.  This is why we’ve named our company after the timeless childhood game of tag.

Every purchase provides much needed resources to care for these children when they have been removed from their homes. The donations also fund the critical programs that work to strengthen  families in the hope that these children can return to their homes of origin, and if that’s not possible, find them their new forever family.  When you purchase coffee from Tag, You’re It!

We donate 50% of Tag Coffee Co.’s profits to local children’s shelters.

Our People

Morriss Hurt

Levi Hartsfield
Co-founder / Head Roaster

Sarah Hartsfield
Marketing Communications Manager

From our roaster to your doorstep.