Speaking with the creators of Tag, one thing is quite clear: they cherish childhood. I’ve always believed that grown people who haven’t forgotten the magic of being a small kid are the most special people on earth. Like childhood, high school and teenage years are just as special and unique a time. As a current high schooler, I’ve realized people my age are just on the precipice of the rest of our lives and yet we are not far from the same care-free children who worshiped a good game of tag. This is a period of our existence that is brimming with life and experiences, yet there is still so much more awaiting in the future. And more than fall football games and PROM, this is a time of forming relationships and learning- learning all you can before the weight and responsibilities of the world are felt. I notice such an eagerness to grow up in myself and the people closest to me, but we must enjoy the state of life we’re experiencing right now, cherish the memories and moments that make up these young years, and keep hope for the future...because it is so exciting. I wanted to capture the essence of these years in my collaboration. Through bright colors and fun pictures that I feel represent some of my favorite parts of life right now, I want to remind people that we should always enjoy the events of present life, but must never let go of childhood and teenage spirit, because as Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I really like that movie. 

Let’s help give a chance to children at the shelter to also share in a carefree and colorful youth, and an even brighter future. 


We deeply believe that every child matters, but for too many children abuse or neglect have robbed them of the laughter of childhood. We felt compelled to do something to make a lasting impact in the lives of these children, so when you purchase and enjoy Tag Coffee we will donate 50% of our profits to local children’s shelters. Every child deserves a healthy and nurturing environment in which to grow and play. Play is the essence of childhood; it is how children explore their world, push their limits, and learn new life skills. It’s how they deepen family ties and build relationships. This is why we’ve named our company after the timeless childhood game of tag. Every purchase provides much needed resources to care for these children when they have been removed from their homes. The donations also fund the critical programs that work to strengthen families in the hope that these children can return to their homes of origin, and if that’s not possible, find them their new forever family. When you purchase coffee from Tag, You’re It!




  • I love dancing, singing, music, and movies.
  • I want to study in Italy someday.
  • On my dresser, I have a signed picture from Leo and Kate of Jack and Rose on the edge of the Titanic.
  • My favorite band of all time is the Beatles.
  • The first time I went skiing, a ski mobile had to take me to the bottom of the slope after I wiped out.

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.” - Ray L. Wilbur