A place that's meant to change how you think about coffee. Playground is where you'll explore the complexity, quality, and playfulness of specialty coffee. We'll hand select unique coffees from farms all around the world. Then, a tailored roast profile will be created for each one to highlight its distinct qualities.

As you try more coffees on the Playground, you'll find what speaks to you. Whether it's a specific cultivar, processing method, or country of origin, we know that you will find something you love. As part of Playground, you'll be invited to compare tasting notes with our head roaster and provide feedback on your experience.

Each month's coffee will be a surprise to you, and we promise that it'll be the best we have to offer. Because of the quality and rarity of each coffee, we will have limited quantities each month. So we're reserving these special coffees exclusively for Playground subscribers.

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For the person who wants to taste coffee in a new way and experience it like they never have...come join us on the Playground.