At Tag Coffee, we source different varieties of coffee from all over the world, and then we roast them each with a very specific goal. We roast all of our single origin coffees in a way that simply uncovers the flavor magic that is already in the coffee. Coffee is very special and can do amazing things if you give it a chance. Tag Coffee is grown, picked (by hand), sorted, and processed. After that, it’s dried and shipped across the ocean. We pick the coffee that we think you will love most, and we begin learning that coffee and how best to roast it to express its highest flavor potential. After learning what that coffee “likes”, we choose to roast and package in low volumes. That means that when you buy coffee from us, it is ALWAYS crazy fresh.


Your cup of coffee is helping change lives. At Tag Coffee, we’re not only passionate about quality coffee that tastes great no matter how you brew it — we’re also passionate about thriving, joyful families. Because of this, we donate 50% of our profits to organizations and families who are seeking to make an impactful difference through foster care and adoption. It brings us such joy to be able to make small differences in the lives of many because of people like you who drink our coffee day in and day out. With Tag, you’re not only enjoying a delicious cup of coffee — you’re partnering with us in giving to those who are loving and caring for some of the most vulnerable among us. Thank you.


A group of friends who love coffee and love their community, so they put the two together.


  • He has a degree in engineering.
  • He builds beautiful furniture.
  • He's 6'4".
  • His first job was picking watermelons when he was 10 and after that he became a "worm wrangler"!
  • He has worked in specialty coffee for 11 years.

  • She loves being a mama to her 2 kiddos.
  • She could paint everything "Backwoods" by Benjamin Moore.
  • She loves doing crossfit and playing sports.
  • She would rather be in Montana, coffee in hand, staring at mountains.
  • She has never been trick or treating.

  • He loves spending time outside with his 3 sons.
  • He makes a pretty mean risotto. And brisket.
  • He spent a summer teaching English in Thailand.
  • He can't sit still for very long.
  • He loves all kinds of music, except for most of what came from the 80s.

  • She has 3 kids — all boys.
  • She's a dog person.
  • She really wants a tattoo, but is too scared.
  • She thinks it's really fun to stand on her head.
  • She often wrecks cars.