I wanted to do something different...

So why Tag Coffee?

Hi! I’m Grace Sattem. I am a highschool student collaborating with Tag Coffee as a unique way to give back to my community. 

My love for coffee comes from many things. I love the distinct taste it has and the comfort I feel while drinking it. I love how it can bring people together and the thought of all the conversations that have swarmed over drinking it. Tag Coffee understands the power of quality coffee, and they deliver nothing less. So, not only am I truly excited to collaborate with a company who roasts coffee with care, love, and knowledge, but the message behind their roasting is what entices me even more. Tag Coffee donates 50% of their profits to the San Antonio Children’s Shelter to help fund some of the many needs that come up for these kids.

When I spoke with the officials of the Shelter, they shared with me that even 50 and 60 year olds relay that they distinctly remember the smell of bacon and pancakes in the mornings they would wake up at the shelter. This is a small detail that stood out to me that I feel embodies a characteristic of the SA Children’s Shelter: to help restore the laughter and joy of childhood to children who go through all types of trauma and experiences. The fact that people remember details about the shelter like the lovely smell of breakfast shows exactly how wonderful they are at what they set out to do. Above all, their mission is to restore children to families. So, in order to contribute to this impactful mission, a dollar from every bag I sell goes directly to them. Want to be part of making a difference?

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thanks for your support!

You are helping to restore the joy and laughter of childhood to the most vulnerable in our community.